Clone the two Android smartphones.

Transfer the Soul of your old smartphone to the body of the yourPhone.

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Switching to a new smartphone ?? worried about your old data like Contacts , Calander entries all the settings of your previous smartphone phone even the wallpapers.

transfer the data between two phones

Here are some of the steps which you can do get the soul of the previous phone in the body of your brand new smartphone.

  • Go to the Google Assistant in your previous smartphone.
  • Then type “setup a new device”.
  • Then switch on your new smartphone and sign in with the same Google Account which is on the previous phone.
  • Now your old device search for the new device.
  • Verify the images or the shapes(like triangle, square) in both the phone to pair them which each other.
  • Then give your concent.
  • Now please wait while while Google do the magic for you.
  • It will take a while so please be patient.
  • Google will install all the apps from the Play Store so please do connect your with internet via WiFi or Mobile data.
  • That’s it you done. The Soul of your old phone now have the new body enjoy.

Transfer the data from old to new phone with Google’s help